Spring Cleaning

March 28, 2015
Spring Cleaning

I start at the top, literally! The windows in the attic need to be opened, and the attic aired out… vacuum around the window frames, and catch any spider webs you may encounter, along with any detritus that may have made its way to the shelves & flooring. Check that all of the light bulbs are still working properly… this is a good opportunity to check the thermostat on the vent fan too. Look for any insect/rodent/reptile infestations, and if found, address immediately. Wash the windows, gather your supplies back up, and proceed down to the living spaces.

Top living space floor of the house…with microfiber snuggie over my broom, I hit the ceiling & all the corners & down the walls to the chair rails, baseboards, and shoe molding. Curtains all come down, and are sorted by color, washed, dried, ironed & rehung. While they are washing, the window frames are wiped down, and the windows washed. All slipcovers/duvets/comforters/blankets & regular bedding, including the mattress covers, come off next, and head to the washing machine &/or drycleaners… While the beds are stripped, the mattresses get flipped, if they are of the sort that should be flipped-bed skirts come off too, and the beds are pulled from the walls-Every bit of floor space is first vacuumed, then hard woods, tile, & vinyl are mopped with the appropriate solutions.  Repeat with each floor below, including the basement, garage, and any outbuildings. I usually hit a room a day… sometimes I can do a couple of rooms a day. I do solicit other family members assistance. It’s good training for younger members, and we all live here…it’s not “just” my responsibility.

Newspapers & Vinegar are the best supplies to clean windows.

Lightbulbs screw in easier, and are more easily removed if a very light coating of Vaseline is applied to the bases-do not let any get on the element, as it will cause a smell as it melts.

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