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Paper, Paper, Paper

January 21, 2016
Stack of files

Paper is everyone’s nemesis. I am hard pressed to find anyone that enjoys filing and that includes me too. I leave the filing till the papers are falling out of the box. Why do I do this???? This year has been the year that the majority of my clients have decided to deal with their paper. Anything from receipts dated 1998 for groceries, to children’s artwork, owners manuals, old mail, greeting cards, etc, etc. Why do they keep it all? The average person feels they might ‘need’ it later. But the truth of the matter is 9 times out of 10 they didn’t know what was in the box to begin with. So it begs the question, how much did you really ‘need’ that piece of paper?

The keys to tackling piles of paper and mail:

  • Take 15 minutes everyday and deal with one pile, set the timer and go!
  • ‘Chunk it’ ~ take out the largest pieces and file them, toss them, shred them
  • Mail ~ when it comes in put the junk mail in the recycle bin immediately

Recycle what you can and shred those things you think are of a sensitive nature.

Once you’ve sorted your paper you will better understand what files you need to create, if you haven’t already. Then you set the timer again and you file away.

So I found the easiest way to get it done is to plan a small reward for myself when I’m done. I put on good music and start attacking all of the paper. The one advantage I have is all of my files are already set and organized. Now I just have to sort and then put it all in it’s proper file.

This task of paper management is only daunting if you try to deal with it all at once. Don’t do that to yourself, be realistic. Set the timer, put on music you love and have at it! You may even find it satisfying on some level.

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