Month by Month

February 10, 2015
calendar concept - months in wood type

January may be over but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the window to start the year out in an organized way. I attended a seminar last year and the one take­a­way I got out of it was that everyday and every month can be treated as if they are a new year. You always have another chance to do what it is you didn’t manage to do yesterday or last month.

With that being said…Set up your home office the way you want it. Here are a few suggestions to help you along the way.

  • Set up a mailbox for each member of the family, and color code them.Use these boxes for misc items, mail or reminders.
  • Set up a bulletin board, or calendar for the family next to the boxes, a command center can help keep everyone on the same page.Encourage everyone to fill important dates.
  • Clean out the desk drawer; get rid of pens that don’t work, sharpen pencils, have scratch paper, calculator, and stapler available.
  • Use a divider tray to corral paper­clips, stamps, post­it’s, ect.

If you feel you’re on a roll go ahead and clean out the junk drawer! Yes a junk drawer can be organized. I bet you’ll find a lot of what is lurking in the drawer you have no idea what is, what it belongs to, or why you have it. Throw it out!

This is a start. With more than one person using the same area it is inevitable that the space will start to look messy again. So maintenance needs to be done at least once a quarter.

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