How to eat an Elephant

January 10, 2015
Walking Elephant

What is your elephant?
You know, the big task that you have been putting off for…forever.
The on that you are dreading.
The one that has been hanging around, begging for attention. The one that is so obvious.
It’s in the middle of the room and no one wants to talk about it. What is y​our elephant?
And how are you going to deal with it?

Just A Little Bite

I had an elephant recently.
It was to clean up the garage. (Sound familiar?)
It had become piled up with “stuff” after the holidays. From boxes to recyclables to just… well, stuff!
I was not looking forward to cleaning it up. I kept telling myself that I would get to it. That I would spend an entire Saturday and do it all at once.
Well, several weekends came and went. It got put off each time. After all, taking a whole day out of your weekend is difficult, and not a lot of fun.
So, one morning when I was up early, I decided I was going to eat the elephant.
But, just o​ne bite.
I went out in the garage and cleaned for 1​5 minutes. I​threw some things out. I re­shelved a few other things.
And then I stopped.
Then the next day, I did it again… for 15 more minutes.
By the third day, I was setting a timer. (Really!) And for exactly 10 minutes, I cleaned again.
I was eating this elephant 15 minutes at a time!
By the end of the week, 80% of my elephant was gone! All with only a few minutes of effort a day!
Taking care of the rest was going to be a cinch. And I had momentum on my side.

Eat Your Elephant

What is your elephant? What big project have you been avoiding? You know you need to do it. But, it seems too big to start, overwhelming and endless.
It could be cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. It could be be report. It could be a book. A skill you need to learn. Or it could even be routine stuff like cleaning the car or house or cleaning t your closet.

All of these are good projects for 15 minute attacks. Start by breaking it down. Take just a s​mall bite. Here are some tips to help you…

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