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10 Areas to Organize in 30 Days

February 11, 2015
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The two most popular times of the year to get organized are the beginning of January and after Labor Day. We can also think of the 1st of each month as a mini New Year. In a way they are both the start of a new year. In January it really is the start of a new year and after Labor Day is thought of as ‘back to school’ which for many moms is the start of a new year!

I’m going to give you 10 areas to organize in 30 days. That means you can make huge progress in one month and you only have to organize every 3rd day or so. Sound doable?!

I’m using the word ‘throw’ but please know I also mean recycle/shred/give away. By ‘throw’ I mean that it’s good bye and out of your life in whatever fashion you choose.


  • Use big blackgarbage bags
  • Once you throw something away you may not’dumpster dive’ later. You made your decision; stick to it.
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and go for it.Don’t do anything else. Stay focused.
  • If after 10 minutes you’re really in the swing of things and want to keep going my answer is “YES”!!!!
  • Be ruthless.This is not the time to be namby-­pamby.

Area #1: Makeup Drawer
Throw out 10 items that are empty or expired and/or give away 10 items that you don’t like and someone else can use

Area #2 Fridge
Dump 10 items that are out of date or you’ll never eat

Area #3: Sock Drawer
Throw out 10 unmatched socks.

Area #4: Junk Drawer
Throw out 10 keys or 10 items like dried up glue sticks, empty tape dispensers, dead pens, and broken items.

Area #5: Under the sink
Yes, I know this is a horrible area but there are lots of items hiding there you’ll never use. Throw 10 items out.

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